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Equalizing Precision Medicine

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Our Purpose

Committed to Global Health

We are an African genomics research, services and development company addressing the need to include under-represented African genomic data in research which could lead to medical breakthroughs and new healthcare solutions worldwide.

Through our research collaborations and commercial partnerships, we will enable the study of African genetics to learn the underlying genetic drivers of disease affecting everyone globally.

Additionally, we strive to understand the genetic impact on disease penetrance and risk in Africans with a goal of developing better diagnostic and risk assessment tests to inform a more targeted approach to healthcare.

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Driven to Develop Better Insights

Many new drugs and diagnostic products are being made without the inclusion of African genetic data. This runs the risk of medicine and other health products being less efficacious in people of African descent and could also mean that revolutionary drug targets are missed.

To solve this problem, we collaborate with African researchers and research institutions to generate primary data to promote research and development while growing in-continent resources.

As part of our research collaborations, we collect clinical data and generate genetic data on the African population which may be utilized in global genomics research to produce novel insights in the discovery of drugs that are more effective on Africans and the global population.

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